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Commit df42af46 authored by Raphael Rieu-Helft's avatar Raphael Rieu-Helft
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Only print driver preludes that are used by the extracted symbols

parent 125c92ac
printer "c"
module BuiltIn
prelude "#include <stdlib.h>"
prelude "#include <stdint.h>"
prelude "#include <stdio.h>"
prelude "#include <stdlib.h>"
prelude "#include <stdint.h>"
prelude "#include <stdio.h>"
module ref.Ref
......@@ -221,7 +217,8 @@ struct __mul64_double_result mul64_double(uint64_t x, uint64_t y)
uint64_t div64_2by1(uint64_t ul, uint64_t uh, uint64_t d)
uint64_t q,_dummy;
uint64_t q;
uint64_t _dummy __attribute__((unused));
return q;
......@@ -327,20 +327,28 @@ let () =
match opt_modu_flat with
| Modular -> Queue.iter do_modular opt_queue
| Flat -> let mm = Queue.fold flat_extraction Mstr.empty opt_queue in
let visit_m _ m =
let tm = translate_module m in
let visit_id id _ = visit ~recurs:true mm id in
Ident.Mid.iter visit_id tm.Mltree.mod_known in
Mstr.iter visit_m mm;
let (_fg, pargs, pr) = Pdriver.lookup_printer opt_driver in
let cout = match opt_output with
| None -> stdout
| Some file -> open_out file in
let fmt = formatter_of_out_channel cout in
(* print driver prelude *)
let thprelude = pargs.Pdriver.thprelude in
let print_prelude = List.iter (fun s -> fprintf fmt "%s@\n@." s) in
let rec do_preludes id =
let m = find_module_id mm id in
Ident.Sid.iter do_preludes m.mod_used
with Not_found -> ());
print_preludes id fmt thprelude
print_prelude pargs.Pdriver.prelude;
Ident.Mid.iter (fun _ p -> print_prelude p) pargs.Pdriver.thprelude;
let visit_m _ m =
do_preludes m.mod_theory.Theory.th_name;
let tm = translate_module m in
let visit_id id _ = visit ~recurs:true mm id in
Ident.Mid.iter visit_id tm.Mltree.mod_known;
Mstr.iter visit_m mm;
let extract fmt { info_id = id } =
let pm = find_module_id mm id in
let m = translate_module pm in
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