Commit de693166 authored by Raphael Rieu-Helft's avatar Raphael Rieu-Helft
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Fix merge-related error

parent 03bffb4a
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ type reify_env = { kn: known_map;
store: (vsymbol * int) Mterm.t;
fr: int;
subst: term Mvs.t;
lv: Svs.t;
lv: vsymbol list;
var_maps: ty Mvs.t; (* type of values pointed by each map*)
ty_to_map: vsymbol Mty.t;
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ let rec reify_term renv t rt =
raise NoReification);
match t.t_node, rt.t_node with
| _, Tapp(interp, [{t_node = Tvar vx}; {t_node = Tvar vy} ])
when Svs.mem vx && Svs.mem vy ->
when List.mem vx && List.mem vy ->
if debug then Format.printf "case interp@.";
let var_maps, ty_to_map =
if Mty.mem vy.vs_ty renv.ty_to_map
......@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ let build_vars_map renv prev =
let prev = Task.add_decl prev d in
Mvs.add vy y subst, prev)
renv.var_maps (renv.subst, prev) in
if not (Svs.for_all (fun v -> Mvs.mem v subst)
if not (List.for_all (fun v -> Mvs.mem v subst)
then (if debug
then Format.printf "some vars not matched, todo use context@.";
raise Exit);
......@@ -636,7 +636,7 @@ let reflection_by_function s env = (fun task ->
then Format.printf "post: %a, %a@."
Pretty.print_vs vres Pretty.print_term p;
let (lp, lv, rt) = Apply.intros p in
let lv = List.fold_left Svs.add_left lv args in
let lv = lv @ args in
let renv = reify_term (init_renv kn lv) g rt in
let info = { env = env;
mm = mm;
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