Commit de3e12ff authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler

Follow change of locations when raising parsing error: fix color of source

parent f8642917
......@@ -1529,12 +1529,12 @@ let treat_message_notification msg = match msg with
| Task_Monitor (t, s, r) -> update_monitor t s r
| Open_File_Error s ->
print_message ~kind:0 ~notif_kind:"Open_File_Error" "%s" s
| Parse_Or_Type_Error (loc, rel_loc, s) ->
| Parse_Or_Type_Error (loc, _rel_loc, s) ->
if gconfig.allow_source_editing || !initialization_complete then
scroll_to_loc ~force_tab_switch:true (Some rel_loc);
color_line ~color:Error_line_color rel_loc;
color_loc ~color:Error_color rel_loc;
scroll_to_loc ~force_tab_switch:true (Some loc);
color_line ~color:Error_line_color loc;
color_loc ~color:Error_color loc;
print_message ~kind:1 ~notif_kind:"Parse_Or_Type_Error" "%s" s
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