Commit db3b3780 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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move Worker and Db to src/bench

parent 266c1958
......@@ -723,18 +723,16 @@ install_local: bin/why3html
ifeq (@enable_bench@,yes)
BENCH_FILES = bench benchrc benchdb whybench
BENCH_FILES = worker db bench benchrc benchdb whybench
BENCHMODULES := $(addprefix src/bench/, $(BENCH_FILES))
BENCHMODULES := src/ide/worker src/ide/db $(BENCHMODULES)
BENCHML = $(addsuffix .ml, $(BENCHMODULES))
BENCHMLI = $(addsuffix .mli, $(BENCHMODULES))
BENCHCMO = $(addsuffix .cmo, $(BENCHMODULES))
BENCHCMX = $(addsuffix .cmx, $(BENCHMODULES))
$(BENCHCMO) $(BENCHCMX): INCLUDES += -I src/ide -I src/bench -I @SQLITE3LIB@
# build targets
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