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Commit da6251e7 authored by François Bobot's avatar François Bobot

[Session] fix: Fatal error: exception Session.NoTask (thx Martin)

          fix: recompute_all_shapes forgot to iter on metas
parent 725550da
......@@ -297,6 +297,9 @@ let iter_transf f t =
let iter_metas f t = f t.metas_goal
let iter_theory f t =
List.iter f t.theory_goals
let iter_file f fi = List.iter f fi.file_theories
let iter_session f s = PHstr.iter (fun _ th -> f th) s.session_files
......@@ -2039,7 +2042,7 @@ and merge_metas ~keygen ~theories env to_goal s from_metas =
exception OutdatedSession
let merge_theory
?(release=false) ~keygen ~theories env ~allow_obsolete from_th to_th =
~release ~keygen ~theories env ~allow_obsolete from_th to_th =
set_theory_expanded to_th from_th.theory_expanded;
let from_goals = List.fold_left
(fun from_goals g ->
......@@ -2068,7 +2071,7 @@ let merge_theory
| Not_found -> raise OutdatedSession
) to_th.theory_goals
let merge_file ?release ~keygen ~theories env ~allow_obsolete from_f to_f =
let merge_file ~release ~keygen ~theories env ~allow_obsolete from_f to_f =
dprintf debug "[Info] merge_file, shape_version = %d@\n"
set_file_expanded to_f from_f.file_expanded;
......@@ -2085,7 +2088,7 @@ let merge_file ?release ~keygen ~theories env ~allow_obsolete from_f to_f =
(* TODO: remove this later when all sessions are updated *)
with Not_found -> Mstr.find ("WP "^name) from_theories
merge_theory ?release ~keygen ~theories env ~allow_obsolete from_th to_th
merge_theory ~release ~keygen ~theories env ~allow_obsolete from_th to_th
| Not_found when allow_obsolete -> ()
| Not_found -> raise OutdatedSession
......@@ -2093,33 +2096,38 @@ let merge_file ?release ~keygen ~theories env ~allow_obsolete from_f to_f =
dprintf debug "[Info] merge_file, done@\n"
let rec recompute_all_shapes_goal g =
let rec recompute_all_shapes_goal ~release g =
let t = goal_task g in
(* g.goal_shape <- Termcode.t_shape_buf (Task.task_goal_fmla t); *)
g.goal_shape <- Termcode.t_shape_task t;
g.goal_checksum <- Termcode.task_checksum t;
PHstr.iter recompute_all_shapes_transf g.goal_transformations
and recompute_all_shapes_transf _ tr =
List.iter recompute_all_shapes_goal tr.transf_goals
if release then release_task g;
(fun pa -> ())
(iter_transf (recompute_all_shapes_goal ~release))
(iter_metas (recompute_all_shapes_goal ~release))
let recompute_all_shapes_theory t =
List. iter recompute_all_shapes_goal t.theory_goals
let recompute_all_shapes_theory ~release t =
iter_theory (recompute_all_shapes_goal ~release) t
let recompute_all_shapes_file _ f =
List.iter recompute_all_shapes_theory f.file_theories
let recompute_all_shapes_file ~release f =
iter_file (recompute_all_shapes_theory ~release) f
let recompute_all_shapes session =
let recompute_all_shapes ~release session =
session.session_shape_version <- Termcode.current_shape_version;
PHstr.iter recompute_all_shapes_file session.session_files
iter_session (recompute_all_shapes_file ~release) session
let update_session ?release ~keygen ~allow_obsolete old_session env whyconf =
let update_session
?(release=false) ~keygen ~allow_obsolete old_session env whyconf =
dprintf debug "[Info] update_session: shape_version = %d@\n"
let new_session =
create_session ~shape_version:old_session.session_shape_version
let will_recompute_shape =
old_session.session_shape_version <> Termcode.current_shape_version in
let new_env_session =
{ session = new_session;
env = env;
......@@ -2139,7 +2147,8 @@ let update_session ?release ~keygen ~allow_obsolete old_session env whyconf =
let theories = Opt.get new_file.file_for_recovery in
dprintf debug "[Merge] file '%s'@\n" old_file.file_name;
merge_file ~keygen ~theories
?release new_env_session ~allow_obsolete old_file new_file;
~release:(release && (not will_recompute_shape))
new_env_session ~allow_obsolete old_file new_file;
let fname =
Filename.basename (Filename.chop_extension old_file.file_name)
......@@ -2150,11 +2159,11 @@ let update_session ?release ~keygen ~allow_obsolete old_session env whyconf =
new_env_session.files <- files;
dprintf debug "[Info] update_session: done@\n";
let obsolete =
if old_session.session_shape_version <> Termcode.current_shape_version
if will_recompute_shape
dprintf debug "[Info] update_session: recompute shapes@\n";
recompute_all_shapes new_session;
recompute_all_shapes ~release new_session;
......@@ -496,6 +496,8 @@ val iter_transf :
('key goal -> unit) -> 'key transf -> unit
val iter_metas :
('key goal -> unit) -> 'key metas -> unit
val iter_theory :
('key goal -> unit) -> 'key theory -> unit
val iter_file :
('key theory -> unit) -> 'key file -> unit
val iter_session :
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