Commit d542b7f5 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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color_t_loc passes under Tlet

parent 61df284c
......@@ -1198,10 +1198,15 @@ let rec color_locs ~color f =
let rec color_t_locs f =
match f.Term.t_node with
| Term.Tbinop (Term.Timplies,f1,f2) ->
color_locs ~color:lighter_location_tag f1; color_t_locs f2
| Term.Tquant (Term.Tforall,fq) ->
let _,_,f2 = Term.t_open_quant fq in
color_locs ~color:lighter_location_tag f1;
color_t_locs f2
| Term.Tlet (t,fb) ->
let _,f1 = Term.t_open_bound fb in
color_locs ~color:lighter_location_tag t;
color_t_locs f1
| Term.Tquant (Term.Tforall,fq) ->
let _,_,f1 = Term.t_open_quant fq in
color_t_locs f1
| _ ->
color_locs ~color:location_tag f
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