Commit d32a5bcb authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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whyml: treat 'old marks only in user postconditions

parent e27fb809
......@@ -496,7 +496,9 @@ let quantify env regs f =
(** Weakest preconditions *)
let rec wp_expr env e q xq =
let f = relativize (wp_desc env e) q xq in
(* FIXME? We only need to remove 'old from user-supplied posts.
Therefore it suffices to do it for Erec, Eany, and Eabstr. *)
let f = (* relativize ( *) wp_desc env e (* ) *) q xq in
if Debug.test_flag debug then begin
Format.eprintf "@[--------@\n@[<hov 2>e = %a@]@\n" Mlw_pretty.print_expr e;
Format.eprintf "@[<hov 2>q = %a@]@\n" Pretty.print_term q;
......@@ -620,7 +622,7 @@ and wp_desc env e q xq = match e.e_node with
let q = create_unit_post w in
wp_label e (wp_expr env e1 q xq)
| Eabstr (e1, c_q, c_xq) ->
let w1 = wp_expr env e1 c_q c_xq in
let w1 = relativize (wp_expr env e1) c_q c_xq in
let w2 = wp_abstract env e1.e_effect c_q c_xq q xq in
wp_and ~sym:true (wp_label e w1) w2
| Eassign (e1, reg, pv) ->
......@@ -669,7 +671,7 @@ and wp_abstract env c_eff c_q c_xq q xq =
and wp_lambda env l =
let q = wp_expl expl_post l.l_post in
let xq = (wp_expl expl_xpost) l.l_xpost in
let f = wp_expr env l.l_expr q xq in
let f = relativize (wp_expr env l.l_expr) q xq in
let f = wp_implies l.l_pre f in
let f = quantify env (regs_of_effect l.l_expr.e_effect) f in
wp_forall ( (fun pv -> pv.pv_vs) l.l_args) f
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