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Pmodule: cloning of program expressions

parent 012af32f
......@@ -668,6 +668,11 @@ let sm_of_cl cl = {
sm_pv = cl.pv_table;
sm_rs = cl.rs_table }
let sm_save_vs sm v v' = {
sm_vs = Mvs.add v v'.pv_vs sm.sm_vs;
sm_pv = Mvs.add v v' sm.sm_pv;
sm_rs = sm.sm_rs }
let sm_save_pv sm v v' = {
sm_vs = Mvs.add v.pv_vs v'.pv_vs sm.sm_vs;
sm_pv = Mvs.add v.pv_vs v' sm.sm_pv;
......@@ -683,25 +688,30 @@ let sm_save_rs cl sm s s' =
let sm_find_pv sm v = Mvs.find_def v v.pv_vs sm.sm_pv
(* non-instantiated global variables are not in sm *)
let clone_pv cl {pv_vs = vs; pv_ity = ity; pv_ghost = ghost} =
create_pvsymbol (id_clone vs.vs_name) ~ghost (cl_trans_ity cl ity)
let clone_invl cl sm invl = (fun t -> cl_trans_term cl sm.sm_vs t) invl
let clone_varl cl sm varl = (fun (t,r) ->
cl_trans_term cl sm.sm_vs t, (cl_find_ls cl) r) varl
let clone_cty cl sm cty =
let conv_pv v = create_pvsymbol (id_clone v.pv_vs.vs_name)
~ghost:v.pv_ghost (cl_trans_ity cl v.pv_ity) in
let args = conv_pv cty.cty_args in
let args = (clone_pv cl) cty.cty_args in
let sm_args = List.fold_left2 sm_save_pv sm cty.cty_args args in
let add_old o n (sm, olds) = let o' = conv_pv o in
let add_old o n (sm, olds) = let o' = clone_pv cl o in
sm_save_pv sm o o', Mpv.add o' (sm_find_pv sm_args n) olds in
let sm_olds, olds = Mpv.fold add_old cty.cty_oldies (sm_args, Mpv.empty) in
let conv_pre tl = (cl_trans_term cl sm_args.sm_vs) tl in
let conv_post tl = (cl_trans_term cl sm_olds.sm_vs) tl in
let add_xpost xs tl q = Mexn.add (cl_find_xs cl xs) (conv_post tl) q in
let pre = conv_pre cty.cty_pre and post = conv_post cty.cty_post in
let xpost = Mexn.fold add_xpost cty.cty_xpost Mexn.empty in
let pre = clone_invl cl sm_args cty.cty_pre in
let post = clone_invl cl sm_olds cty.cty_post in
let xpost = Mexn.fold (fun xs fl q ->
let xs = cl_find_xs cl xs in
let fl = clone_invl cl sm_olds fl in
Mexn.add xs fl q) cty.cty_xpost Mexn.empty in
let add_read v s = Spv.add (sm_find_pv sm_args v) s in
let reads = Spv.fold add_read cty.cty_effect.eff_reads Spv.empty in
let reads = Mpv.fold (fun v _ s -> Spv.add v s) olds reads in
let reads = Spv.union reads ( ignore olds) in
let add_write reg fs m =
let add_fd fd s = Spv.add (Mpv.find_def fd fd cl.fd_table) s in
Mreg.add (cl_trans_reg cl reg) (Spv.fold add_fd fs Spv.empty) m in
......@@ -731,31 +741,78 @@ let rs_kind s = match s.rs_logic with
| RLls _ -> RKfunc
| RLlemma -> RKlemma
let rec clone_expr cl sm e = e_label_copy e (match e.e_node with
let clone_ppat cl sm ~ghost pp =
let rec conv_pat p = match p.pat_node with
| Term.Pwild -> PPwild
| Term.Pvar v -> PPvar (id_clone v.vs_name)
| Term.Por (p1,p2) -> PPor (conv_pat p1, conv_pat p2)
| Term.Pas (p,v) -> PPas (conv_pat p, id_clone v.vs_name)
| Term.Papp (s,pl) ->
PPapp (restore_rs (cl_find_ls cl s), conv_pat pl) in
let pre = conv_pat pp.pp_pat in
(* FIXME: if we clone pp using its own ghost status pp.pp_ghost,
we may ghostify too many variables. This may happen if we have
a match over a non-ghost expression with a single branch with
a ghostifying pattern (= some ghost subvalue is deep-matched).
Since there is only one branch, this match will be non-ghost,
and all non-ghost variables in the pattern must stay so, too.
To avoid the problem, we pass to create_prog_pattern the ghost
status of the matched expression. This, however, may also break,
if someone created a match over a non-ghost expression with a
single branch with an artificially ghostified pattern (that is,
by calling create_prog_pattern ~ghost:true). In this case, we
may not ghostify some variables which were ghost in the original
pattern, and perform unnecessary computations in the cloned code.
This exploit is only possible via API, since Dexpr always passes
to create_prog_pattern the ghost status of the matched expr. *)
let vm, pp' = create_prog_pattern pre ~ghost pp.pp_ity in
let save v sm = sm_save_vs sm v (Mstr.find v.vs_name.id_string vm) in
Svs.fold save pp.pp_pat.pat_vars sm, pp'
let rec clone_expr cl sm e = e_label_copy e (e_ghostify (e_ghost e)
(match e.e_node with
| Evar v -> e_var (sm_find_pv sm v)
| Econst c -> e_const c
| Eexec c -> e_exec (clone_cexp cl sm c)
| Eassign _ ->
assert false (* TODO *)
| Eassign asl ->
let conv (r,f,v) =
e_var (sm_find_pv sm r), cl_find_rs cl f, e_var (sm_find_pv sm v) in
e_assign ( conv asl)
| Elet (ld, e) ->
let sm, ld = clone_let_defn cl sm ld in
e_let ld (clone_expr cl sm e)
| Eif (e1, e2, e3) ->
e_if (clone_expr cl sm e1) (clone_expr cl sm e2) (clone_expr cl sm e3)
| Ecase _ ->
(* do not forget to e_ghostify the matched expr *)
assert false (* TODO *)
| Ewhile _ | Efor _ | Etry _ ->
assert false (* TODO *)
| Ecase (d, bl) ->
let ghost = e_ghost d in
let conv_br (pp, e) =
let sm, pp = clone_ppat cl sm ~ghost pp in
pp, clone_expr cl sm e in
e_case (clone_expr cl sm d) ( conv_br bl)
| Ewhile (c,invl,varl,e) ->
e_while (clone_expr cl sm c) (clone_invl cl sm invl)
(clone_varl cl sm varl) (clone_expr cl sm e)
| Efor (i, (f,dir,t), invl, e) ->
let i' = clone_pv cl i in
let ism = sm_save_pv sm i i' in
e_for i'
(e_var (sm_find_pv sm f)) dir (e_var (sm_find_pv sm t))
(clone_invl cl ism invl) (clone_expr cl ism e)
| Etry (d, xl) ->
let conv_br (xs, v, e) =
let v' = clone_pv cl v in
cl_find_xs cl xs, v', clone_expr cl (sm_save_pv sm v v') e in
e_try (clone_expr cl sm d) ( conv_br xl)
| Eraise (xs, e) ->
e_raise (cl_find_xs cl xs) (clone_expr cl sm e) (cl_trans_ity cl e.e_ity)
| Eassert (k, f) ->
e_assert k (cl_trans_term cl sm.sm_vs f)
| Epure t ->
e_pure (cl_trans_term cl sm.sm_vs t)
| Eabsurd -> e_absurd (cl_trans_ity cl e.e_ity))
| Eabsurd -> e_absurd (cl_trans_ity cl e.e_ity)))
and clone_cexp cl sm c = match c.c_node with
and clone_cexp cl sm c = c_ghostify (cty_ghost c.c_cty) (match c.c_node with
| Capp (s,vl) ->
let vl = (fun v -> sm_find_pv sm v) vl in
let al = (fun v -> cl_trans_ity cl v.pv_ity) c.c_cty.cty_args in
......@@ -768,7 +825,7 @@ and clone_cexp cl sm c = match c.c_node with
c_fun cty.cty_args cty.cty_pre cty.cty_post
cty.cty_xpost cty.cty_oldies (clone_expr cl sm e)
| Cany ->
c_any (clone_cty cl sm c.c_cty)
c_any (clone_cty cl sm c.c_cty))
and clone_let_defn cl sm ld = match ld with
| LDvar (v,e) ->
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