Commit d2e6abc4 authored by Stefan Berghofer's avatar Stefan Berghofer Committed by MARCHE Claude

Check that name of Why3 file matches theory name

parent 6c26fe96
......@@ -640,11 +640,20 @@ fun close incomplete thy =
| _ => err_no_env ()) |>
fun process_decls consts types x = elem "theory" (fn atts =>
fun process_decls consts types x path = elem "theory" (fn atts =>
(fn imports :: xs => elem "realized" (fn _ => fn rs => fn thy =>
val thyname = get_name atts;
val realize = get_bool "realize" atts;
val _ =
realize orelse
Path.is_basic path andalso
let val (path', ext) = Path.split_ext path
Path.implode path' = Context.theory_name thy andalso
ext = "xml"
end orelse
error "Name of Why3 file does not match name of theory";
val (ds, thy') = thy |>
Sign.add_path thyname |>
init_decls thyname consts types |>
......@@ -781,11 +790,11 @@ fun show_status thy sel =
(**** commands ****)
fun why3_open ((files, consts), types) thy =
let val ([{lines, ...}: Token.file], thy') = files thy;
let val ([{src_path, lines, ...}: Token.file], thy') = files thy;
in process_decls
(map (apsnd (Sign.intern_const thy)) consts)
(map (apsnd (Sign.intern_type thy)) types)
(parse_xml (cat_lines lines)) thy'
(parse_xml (cat_lines lines)) src_path thy'
fun prove_vc vc_name lthy =
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