Commit d1f40640 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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rename tptp2why executables to whytptp

parent 12a3d007
......@@ -410,15 +410,15 @@ $(TPTPCMO) $(TPTPCMX): INCLUDES += -I src/tptp2why
# build targets
byte: bin/tptp2why.byte
opt: bin/tptp2why.opt
byte: bin/whytptp.byte
opt: bin/whytptp.opt
bin/tptp2why.opt: src/why.cmxa $(TPTPCMX) src/main.cmx
bin/whytptp.opt: src/why.cmxa $(TPTPCMX) src/main.cmx
$(if $(QUIET), @echo 'Linking $@' &&) \
$(STRIP) $@
bin/tptp2why.byte: src/why.cma $(TPTPCMO) src/main.cmo
bin/whytptp.byte: src/why.cma $(TPTPCMO) src/main.cmo
$(if $(QUIET),@echo 'Linking $@' &&) \
$(OCAMLC) $(BFLAGS) -o $@ $(EXTCMA) $^
......@@ -435,7 +435,7 @@ clean::
rm -f src/tptp2why/*.cm[iox] src/tptp2why/*.o
rm -f src/tptp2why/*.annot src/tptp2why/*~
rm -f bin/tptp2why.byte bin/tptp2why.opt
rm -f bin/whytptp.byte bin/whytptp.opt
rm -f .depend.tptp2why
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