Commit d165681f authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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index algebraic constructors with integers

parent c7f19ca0
......@@ -188,6 +188,31 @@ let add_selector (state,task) ts ty = function
| [_] -> state, task
| csl -> add_selector (state,task) ts ty csl
let add_indexer (state,task) ts ty csl =
(* declare the indexer function *)
let mt_id = id_derive ("index_" ^ ts.ts_name.id_string) ts.ts_name in
let mt_ls = create_fsymbol mt_id [ty] ty_int in
let task = add_decl task (create_logic_decl [mt_ls, None]) in
(* define the indexer function *)
let index = ref (-1) in
let mt_add tsk cs =
incr index;
let id = mt_ls.ls_name.id_string ^ "_" ^ cs.ls_name.id_string in
let pr = create_prsymbol (id_derive id cs.ls_name) in
let vl = List.rev_map (create_vsymbol (id_fresh "u")) cs.ls_args in
let hd = t_app cs (List.rev_map t_var vl) (of_option cs.ls_value) in
let ix = t_const (ConstInt (string_of_int !index)) in
let ax = f_equ (t_app mt_ls [hd] ty_int) ix in
let ax = f_forall_close (List.rev vl) [[Term hd]] ax in
add_decl tsk (create_prop_decl Paxiom pr ax)
let task = List.fold_left mt_add task csl in
state, task
let add_indexer (state,task) ts ty = function
| [_] -> state, task
| csl -> add_indexer (state,task) ts ty csl
let add_projections (state,task) _ts _ty csl =
(* declare and define the projection functions *)
let pj_add (m,tsk) cs =
......@@ -235,6 +260,7 @@ let add_type (state,task) ts csl =
(* add selector, projections, and inversion axiom *)
let ty = ty_app ts ( ty_var ts.ts_args) in
let state,task = add_selector (state,task) ts ty csl in
let state,task = add_indexer (state,task) ts ty csl in
let state,task = add_projections (state,task) ts ty csl in
let state,task = add_inversion (state,task) ts ty csl in
(* add the tag for enumeration if the type is one *)
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