Commit d15490b6 authored by François Bobot's avatar François Bobot
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[Replay] remove release:true since the gain is still not well proved

parent f3d2a171
......@@ -1400,7 +1400,9 @@ let add_file ~keygen env ?format filename =
let fname = Filename.concat env.session.session_dir filename in
Debug.dprintf debug "[Session] read file@\n";
let ordered_theories,theories = read_file env.env ?format fname in
Debug.dprintf debug "[Session] create tasks@\n";
let file = add_file env.session filename format ordered_theories in
let fname =
Filename.basename (Filename.chop_extension filename)
......@@ -363,7 +363,7 @@ let add_to_check_no_smoke config found_obs env_session sched =
exit 1
M.check_all ~release:false ~callback env_session sched
M.check_all ~callback env_session sched
let add_to_check_smoke env_session sched =
let callback report =
......@@ -438,7 +438,7 @@ let () =
O.verbose := Debug.test_flag debug;
let env_session,found_obs =
let session = S.read_session project_dir in
M.update_session ~release:true ~allow_obsolete:true session env config
M.update_session ~allow_obsolete:true session env config
Debug.dprintf debug " done.@.";
if !opt_obsolete_only && not found_obs
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