Commit d1453b19 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Ity: another revision of eff_assign

in this version, we reconstruct and scan the mutable fields of all
regions that occur in an assignment, independently on whether the
region is modified. This avoids a bug in the previous version where
the "left" and "right" subregion lists could have different length.
This also avoids a bug in the version before that, where an upper
region could have a shorter subregion list than one of its subregions.
It is possible to fix those issues in a more efficient manner, but this
seems to make code quite more complex for a non-existent practical gain.
parent 435e940f
......@@ -771,7 +771,7 @@ let eff_write rd wr =
exception IllegalAssign of region * region * region
let rec ity_skel_check t1 t2 =
if t1.ity_pure then ity_equal_check t1 t2 else
if not (ity_equal t1 t2) then
match t1.ity_node, t2.ity_node with
|(Ityreg {reg_its = s1; reg_args = l1},
Ityreg {reg_its = s2; reg_args = l2}
......@@ -802,46 +802,40 @@ let eff_assign asl =
Spv.add r (Spv.add v s)) Spv.empty asl in
check_taints taint reads;
(* compute the region transitions under writes *)
let rec reg2 fw rl r =
let fs = Mreg.find_def Mpv.empty r writes in
if Mpv.is_empty fs
then reg_r_fold (reg2 fw) (r::rl) r
else under_reg fw (r::rl) r fs
and ity2 fw rl t =
ity_r_fold (reg2 fw) rl t
and under_reg fw rl ({reg_its = s} as r) fs =
let ity3 rl frz t = if frz then ity2 fw rl t else rl in
let reg3 rl frz r = if frz then reg2 fw rl r else rl in
let rl = dfold2 ity3 reg3 rl s.its_arg_frz r.reg_args
s.its_reg_frz r.reg_regs in
let sbs = its_match_regs s r.reg_args r.reg_regs in
let add_mfld rl f =
let reg_rexp {reg_its = s; reg_args = tl; reg_regs = rl} fs =
let ity_rexp xl t = ity_r_fold (fun l r -> r :: l) xl t in
let sbs = its_match_regs s tl rl in
let mfield xl f =
let tf = ity_full_inst sbs f.pv_ity in
let tt = if not fw then tf else
match Mpv.find_opt f fs with
| Some tt -> ity_skel_check tf tt; tt
| _ -> tf in
ity2 fw rl tt in
List.fold_left add_mfld rl s.its_mfields in
let tt = Mpv.find_def tf f fs in
ity_skel_check tf tt; ity_rexp xl tt in
let xl = List.fold_left mfield [] s.its_mfields in
let freg xl frz r = if frz then r :: xl else xl in
let farg xl frz t = if frz then ity_rexp xl t else xl in
dfold2 farg freg xl s.its_arg_frz tl s.its_reg_frz rl in
let rec stitch pl rf rt fs =
let link pl rf rt =
stitch ((rf,rt)::pl) rf rt (Mreg.find_def Mpv.empty rt writes) in
List.fold_left2 link pl (reg_rexp rf Mpv.empty) (reg_rexp rt fs) in
let add_write r fs m =
let rl1 = under_reg false [] r fs in
let rl2 = under_reg true [] r fs in
Mint.change (fun m -> Some (match m with
| Some m -> Mreg.add r (rl1,rl2) m
| _ -> Mreg.singleton r (rl1,rl2))) (- List.length rl1) m in
let pl = stitch [] r r fs in
let fit m = Some (match m with
| Some m -> Mreg.add r pl m
| None -> Mreg.singleton r pl) in
Mint.change fit (- List.length pl) m in
let m = Mreg.fold add_write writes Mint.empty in
(* compute resets as non-identity region transitions *)
let add_bind r1 r2 m = Mreg.change (function
| (Some r3) as v when reg_equal r2 r3 -> v
| Some r3 -> raise (IllegalAssign (r1,r2,r3))
| None -> Some r2) r1 m in
let add_pair (rst, mt, mf) r1 r2 =
let add_pair (rst, mt, mf) (r1,r2) =
let rst = if reg_equal r1 r2 then rst
else Sreg.add r1 (Sreg.add r2 rst) in
rst, add_bind r1 r2 mt, add_bind r2 r1 mf in
let add_write r (rl1,rl2) ((rst,_,_) as acc) =
let add_write r pl ((rst,_,_) as acc) =
if Sreg.mem r rst then acc else
List.fold_left2 add_pair acc rl1 rl2 in
List.fold_left add_pair acc pl in
let add_level _ mpl acc =
Mreg.fold add_write mpl acc in
let resets,_,_ = Mint.fold add_level m (Sreg.empty,Mreg.empty,Mreg.empty) in
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