Commit d10127ff authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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Fixed bug 12934

parent 09a2db0c
* marks an incompatible change
o [Coq output] fixed bug 12934: type def with several type params
o [IDE] interactive detection of provers disabled because incompatible
with session. Detection must be done with why3config --detect-provers
o WhyML with mutable record fields and type models
......@@ -42,6 +42,9 @@
* add "ctrl-S" to save the session explicitly
(partially done, but no shortcut)
* reload: improve matching of new and old goals by use a kind a distance
between some notion of shape of a goal
* Add more examples in the regression tests and in the proval gallery
* prover support
......@@ -86,9 +89,6 @@
- IDE: not necessary to exit to change the input file: just use "reload"
** as soon as possible: update why3 output of Why2, release Why 2.30
* fix bug 12934 : Coq syntax
* increment the magic number in config (A)
* distribute bench files (A + F)
......@@ -105,6 +105,9 @@
* (partially done) update doc for why3replayer
- not done: parler des examples distribues ci dessus
* DONE fix bug 12934 : Coq syntax
* DONE document new IDE features (C)
* DONE doc: citer l'article Boogie 2011 quelque part
......@@ -411,7 +411,7 @@ let print_type_decl ~old info fmt (ts,def) =
(realization ~old ~def:true) info.realization
| Some ty ->
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>Definition %a %a :=@ %a.@]@\n@\n"
print_ts ts (print_arrow_list print_tv_binder) ts.ts_args
print_ts ts (print_list space print_tv_binder) ts.ts_args
(print_ty info) ty
| Talgebraic csl ->
theory BTS12934
type set 'a
type rel 'a 'b = set ('a,'b)
goal t: true
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