Commit d08458c4 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler
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Fix theory checksum and obsolete proofattempt after merge_theory

Checksum of theories were computed on all subgoals of a theory instead of
using only immediate subgoals. Proofattempt are now unset from obsolete
after mergingh if old_th and new_th checksums are the same and no detached
goals were found.
parent 8f7c04b1
......@@ -322,6 +322,10 @@ let get_encapsulating_file s any =
let th = get_encapsulating_theory s any in
theory_parent s th
let set_obsolete s paid b =
let pa = get_proof_attempt_node s paid in
pa.proof_obsolete <- b
(* Iterations functions on the session tree *)
......@@ -1316,7 +1320,10 @@ module CombinedTheoryChecksum = struct
| Some c -> Buffer.add_string b (Termcode.string_of_checksum c)
let compute s th =
let () = fold_all_sub_goals_of_theory s f () th in
let () =
List.fold_left (fun () id -> let pn = get_proofNode s id in f () pn)
() (theory_goals th)
let c = Termcode.buffer_checksum b in
Buffer.clear b; c
......@@ -1551,7 +1558,30 @@ let merge_theory ~use_shapes env old_s old_th s th : unit =
(* store the detached goals *)
let detached = (fun (a,_) -> a) detached in
th.theory_detached_goals <- save_detached_goals old_s detached s (Theory th)
th.theory_detached_goals <- save_detached_goals old_s detached s (Theory th);
(* If we are not using shapes, we want to recover the goals that were
"wrongly" marked as obsolete during AssoGoals.simple_associate. The
condition for this to be correct is to check that the checksum of the
theory was good and that we did not find any detached during the theory
merge. TODO: we may want to improve this by having a new mode which
merges the old_th without looking at shapes when checksums of theories is
the same (with or without shapes ?).
if not (use_shapes || !found_detached)
"[Session] since shapes were not used for pairing, we compute the \
checksum of the full theory, to estimate the obsolete status for \
if same_theory_checksum then
(* we set all_goals as non obsolete *)
fold_all_any_of_theory s (fun () any ->
match any with
| APa pa -> set_obsolete s pa false
| _ -> ()) () th
(* add a theory and its goals to a session. if a previous theory is
provided in merge try to merge the new theory with the previous one *)
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