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Commit cfa504ac authored by Leon Gondelman's avatar Leon Gondelman

Manual: thanks=thanks+Mario

parent f04fa39e
......@@ -209,9 +209,9 @@ Report any bug to the \why Bug Tracking System:
We gratefully thank the people who contributed to \why, directly or
indirectly: Romain Bardou, Stefan Berghofer, Sylvie Boldo, Martin
Clochard, Simon Cruanes, Leon Gondelman, Johannes Kanig, St\'ephane
Clochard, Simon Cruanes, L\'eon Gondelman, Johannes Kanig, St\'ephane
Lescuyer, David Mentr\'e, Sim\~ao Melo de Sousa, Benjamin Monate,
Thi-Minh-Tuyen Nguyen, Asma Tafat, Piotr Trojanek.
Thi-Minh-Tuyen Nguyen, M\'ario Pereira, Asma Tafat, Piotr Trojanek.
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