Commit cdce5089 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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fixed bug with name classh in Coq output'

parent 91b75afe
......@@ -28,23 +28,14 @@ open Term
open Decl
open Printer
let iprinter,tprinter,lprinter,pprinter =
let iprinter =
let bl = [ "at"; "cofix"; "exists2"; "fix"; "IF"; "mod"; "Prop";
"return"; "Set"; "Type"; "using"; "where"]
let isanitize = sanitizer char_to_alpha char_to_alnumus in
let lsanitize = sanitizer char_to_lalpha char_to_alnumus in
let usanitize = sanitizer char_to_ualpha char_to_alnumus in
create_ident_printer bl ~sanitizer:isanitize,
create_ident_printer bl ~sanitizer:lsanitize,
create_ident_printer bl ~sanitizer:lsanitize,
create_ident_printer bl ~sanitizer:usanitize
let forget_all () =
forget_all iprinter;
forget_all tprinter;
forget_all lprinter;
forget_all pprinter
create_ident_printer bl ~sanitizer:isanitize
let forget_all () = forget_all iprinter
let tv_set = ref Sid.empty
......@@ -90,13 +81,13 @@ let print_vs fmt vs =
let forget_var vs = forget_id iprinter vs.vs_name
let print_ts fmt ts =
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique tprinter ts.ts_name)
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique iprinter ts.ts_name)
let print_ls fmt ls =
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique lprinter ls.ls_name)
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique iprinter ls.ls_name)
let print_pr fmt pr =
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique pprinter pr.pr_name)
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique iprinter pr.pr_name)
(* info *)
......@@ -344,12 +335,12 @@ let print_type_decl info fmt (ts,def) =
print_ts ts print_params_list ts.ts_args
| Some ty ->
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>Definition %a %a :=@ %a.@]@\n@\n"
print_ts ts (print_arrow_list print_tv) ts.ts_args
print_ts ts (print_arrow_list print_tv_binder) ts.ts_args
(print_ty info) ty
| Talgebraic csl ->
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>Inductive %a %a :=@\n@[<hov>%a@].@]@\n"
print_ts ts (print_list space print_tv) ts.ts_args
print_ts ts (print_list space print_tv_binder) ts.ts_args
(print_list newline (print_constr info ts)) csl;
(fun cs ->
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