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......@@ -188,15 +188,14 @@ See CHANGES
(check that manual in HTML is also generated, doc/html/index.html)
* do "make dist"
* test distrib/why3-0.84.tar.gz
* put on the web page why3-0.84.tar.gz:
cp distrib/why3-0.84.tar.gz /users/www-perso/projets/why3/download
* inform Jerry James <> so that he can test the
Fedora package
* install web page for why2 which includes an updated page for the
quick migration guide. (sources are in CVS repository
* put on the web page
- why3-0.84.tar.gz
cp distrib/why3-0.84.tar.gz /users/www-perso/projets/why3/download
- the manual in PDF
cp doc/manual.pdf /users/www-perso/projets/why3/download/manual-0.84.pdf
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