Commit cba5e2df authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Eliminate the Clone declaration which isn't needed, in fact.

Sorry for the previous commit, submitted by accident.
parent 801e79f3
......@@ -43,18 +43,11 @@ let iprinter,tprinter,lprinter,pprinter =
create_ident_printer bl ~sanitizer:lsanitize,
create_ident_printer bl ~sanitizer:usanitize
let thash = Hid.create 63
let lhash = Hid.create 63
let phash = Hid.create 63
let forget_all () =
forget_all iprinter;
forget_all tprinter;
forget_all lprinter;
forget_all pprinter;
Hid.clear thash;
Hid.clear lhash;
Hid.clear phash
forget_all pprinter
let tv_set = ref Sid.empty
......@@ -84,11 +77,9 @@ let print_th fmt th =
fprintf fmt "%s" n
let print_ts fmt ts =
Hid.replace thash ts.ts_name ts;
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique tprinter ts.ts_name)
let print_ls fmt ls =
Hid.replace lhash ls.ls_name ls;
let n = if ls.ls_constr
then id_unique lprinter ~sanitizer:String.capitalize ls.ls_name
else id_unique lprinter ls.ls_name
......@@ -96,7 +87,6 @@ let print_ls fmt ls =
fprintf fmt "%s" n
let print_pr fmt pr =
Hid.replace phash pr.pr_name pr;
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique pprinter pr.pr_name)
(** Types *)
......@@ -312,18 +302,6 @@ let print_prop_decl fmt (k,pr,f) =
print_pr pr print_fmla f;
forget_tvs ()
let print_inst fmt (id1,id2) =
if Hid.mem thash id2 then
let n = id_unique tprinter id1 in
fprintf fmt "type %s = %a" n print_ts (Hid.find thash id2)
else if Hid.mem lhash id2 then
let n = id_unique lprinter id1 in
fprintf fmt "logic %s = %a" n print_ls (Hid.find lhash id2)
else if Hid.mem phash id2 then
let n = id_unique pprinter id1 in
fprintf fmt "prop %s = %a" n print_pr (Hid.find phash id2)
else assert false
let print_decl fmt d = match d.d_node with
| Dtype tl -> print_list newline print_type_decl fmt tl
| Dlogic ll -> print_list newline print_logic_decl fmt ll
......@@ -335,9 +313,6 @@ let print_tdecl fmt = function
print_decl fmt d
| Use th ->
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>(* use %a *)@]" print_th th
| Clone (th,inst) ->
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>(* clone %a with %a *)@]"
print_th th (print_list comma print_inst) inst
let print_decls fmt dl =
fprintf fmt "@[<hov>%a@\n@]" (print_list newline2 print_decl) dl
......@@ -211,9 +211,6 @@ let rec use_export names acc td =
let acc = used, cl, res, task in
let names = Some Spr.empty in
List.fold_left (use_export names) acc th.th_decls
| Clone (th,sl) ->
let cl = add_clone cl th sl in
used, cl, res, task
| Decl d ->
begin match d.d_node with
| Dprop (Pgoal,pr,_)
......@@ -456,7 +456,8 @@ let clone_export uc th inst =
let add_idid id id' acc = (id,id') :: acc in
let sl = Hid.fold add_idid cl.id_table [] in
let uc = merge_clone uc.uc_clone th sl in
let cm = merge_clone uc.uc_clone th sl in
let uc = { uc with uc_clone = cm } in
let add_local id' () acc = Sid.add id' acc in
let lc = Hid.fold add_local cl.nw_local uc.uc_local in
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