Commit cae5a087 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Vc: "vc:keep_precondition" on a function call preserves preconditions

parent 22780e82
......@@ -52,8 +52,10 @@ let proxy_of_expr =
let sp_label = Ident.create_label "vc:sp"
let wp_label = Ident.create_label "vc:wp"
let kp_label = Ident.create_label "vc:keep_precondition"
let vc_labels = Slab.add sp_label (Slab.add wp_label Slab.empty)
let vc_labels = Slab.add kp_label
(Slab.add sp_label (Slab.add wp_label Slab.empty))
(* VCgen environment *)
......@@ -529,7 +531,10 @@ let rec k_expr env lps ({e_loc = loc} as e) res xmap =
let k = List.fold_right assume_inv qinv k in
(* oldies and havoc are common for all outcomes *)
let k = bind_oldies oldies (k_havoc e.e_effect k) in
let k = if pre = [] then k else Kpar (Kstop p, k) in
let k = if pre = [] then k else
if Slab.mem kp_label e.e_label
then Kseq (Kcut p, 0, k)
else Kpar (Kstop p, k) in
let k = List.fold_right assert_inv pinv k in
begin match ce.c_node with
| Cfun e -> Kpar (k_fun env lps ~xmap ce.c_cty e, k)
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