Commit c7fc192e authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Add a rule to regenerate Coq realizations.

Note: Currently, only the set of real theories has been fully converted to
the new script format. So it is the only one enabled. The other ones would
not survive the process.
parent 0e83b784
...@@ -978,6 +978,11 @@ depend: $(COQVD) ...@@ -978,6 +978,11 @@ depend: $(COQVD)
clean:: clean::
rm -f $(COQVO) $(COQVD) $(addsuffix .glob, $(COQLIBS_FILES)) rm -f $(COQVO) $(COQVD) $(addsuffix .glob, $(COQLIBS_FILES))
update-coq: bin/why3
#for f in $(COQLIBS_INT_FILES); do bin/why3 --realize -D drivers/coq-realize.drv -T int.$$f -o lib/coq/int/; done
for f in $(COQLIBS_REAL_FILES); do bin/why3 --realize -D drivers/coq-realize.drv -T real.$$f -o lib/coq/real/; done
#for f in $(COQLIBS_FP_FILES); do bin/why3 --realize -D drivers/coq-realize.drv -T floating_point.$$f -o lib/coq/floating_point/; done
else else
drivers/coq-realizations.aux: drivers/coq-realizations.aux:
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