Commit c77bd358 authored by Francois Bobot's avatar Francois Bobot

Fix compilation of whyide

parent eb9ff8b2
......@@ -308,14 +308,14 @@ endif
bin/whyide.opt bin/whyide.byte: INCLUDES = -I +lablgtk2 -I +threads
bin/whyide.opt: src/why.cmxa $(IDE_CMX)
bin/whyide.opt: src/why.cmxa $(IDECMX)
$(if $(QUIET),@echo 'Linking $@' &&) \
$(OCAMLOPT) $(OFLAGS) -o $@ $(EXTCMXA) threads.cmxa \
lablgtk.cmxa lablgtksourceview2.cmxa gtkThread.cmx $^
$(STRIP) $@
bin/whyide.byte: src/why.cma $(IDE_CMO)
bin/whyide.byte: src/why.cma $(IDECMO)
$(if $(QUIET),@echo 'Linking $@' &&) \
$(OCAMLC) $(BFLAGS) -o $@ $(EXTCMA) threads.cma \
lablgtk.cma lablgtksourceview2.cma gtkThread.cmo $^
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