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FoVeOOS competition

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COST Verification Competition.
Challenge 3: Two equal elements
Given: An integer array a of length n+2 with n>=2. It is known that at
least two values stored in the array appear twice (i.e., there are at
least two duplets).
Implement and verify a program finding such two values.
You may assume that the array contains values between 0 and n-1.
theory Option
type option 'a = None | Some 'a
predicate eq_opt (x:'a) (o:option 'a) =
match o with
| None -> false
| Some v -> v=x
module Duplets
use import int.Int
use import Option
use import module ref.Ref
use import module array.Array
(* duplet in array a is a pair of indexes (i,j) in the bounds of array
a such that a[i] = a[j] *)
predicate is_duplet (a:array int) (i:int) (j:int) =
0 <= i < j < length a /\ a[i] = a[j]
exception Break
(* (duplet a) returns the indexes (i,j) of a
duplet in a. *)
let duplet (a:array int) (except:option int) =
{ 2 <= length a /\
exists i j:int. is_duplet a i j /\
not (eq_opt a[i] except) }
let res = ref (0,0) in
for i=0 to length a - 2 do
invariant {
forall k l:int. 0 <= k < i /\ k < l < length a ->
not (eq_opt a[k] except) -> not (is_duplet a k l)
let v = a[i] in
if eq_opt v except then () else
for j=i+1 to length a - 1 do
invariant {
forall l:int. i < l < j -> not (is_duplet a i l)
if a[j] = v then
res := (i,j);
raise Break
assert { forall i j:int. not (is_duplet a i j) };
with Break -> !res
{ let (i,j) = result in
is_duplet a i j /\ not (eq_opt a[i] except) }
let duplets (a: array int) =
{ 4 <= length a /\ exists i j k l:int.
is_duplet a i j /\ is_duplet a k l /\ a[i] <> a[k]
let (i,j) = duplet a None in
let (k,l) = duplet a (Some a[j]) in
{ let ((i,j),(k,l)) = result in
is_duplet a i j /\ is_duplet a k l /\ a[i] <> a[k] }
Local Variables:
compile-command: "why3ide duplets.mlw"
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