Commit c678706b authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Vc: check top-level computations

This is necessary, but not sufficient: we must implement
cumulative checking at some point.

Cany is short-circuited, to avoid trivially true invariant
preservation VCs for "val x : <mutable type with invariant>".
Still gonna get those for "val ref x : <mutable type w/inv>",
unfortunately, since the right-hand side becames an application.
parent 96933489
......@@ -1507,6 +1507,15 @@ let add_vc_decl kn id f vcl =
if can_simp f then vcl else mk_vc_decl kn id f :: vcl
let vc env kn tuc d = match d.pd_node with
| PDlet (LDvar (_, {e_node = Eexec ({c_node = Cany},_)})) ->
| PDlet (LDvar (v, e)) ->
let env = mk_env env kn tuc in
let c, e = match e.e_node with
| Eexec ({c_node = Cfun e} as c, _) -> c, e
| _ -> c_fun [] [] [] Mxs.empty Mpv.empty e, e in
let f = vc_fun env (Debug.test_noflag debug_sp) c.c_cty e in
add_vc_decl kn v.pv_vs.vs_name f []
| PDlet (LDsym (s, {c_node = Cfun e; c_cty = cty})) ->
let env = mk_env env kn tuc in
let f = vc_fun env (Debug.test_noflag debug_sp) cty e in
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