Commit c5e4ff67 authored by Mário Pereira's avatar Mário Pereira
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Added new lemmas to seq theory: permut_refl, permut_sym, permut_all_mem

parent d60cd62f
......@@ -328,8 +328,14 @@ theory Permut
(** {2 Lemmas about permut} *)
lemma permut_refl: forall s: seq 'a, l u: int.
permut s s l u
lemma permut_sym: forall s1 s2: seq 'a, l u: int.
permut s1 s2 l u -> permut s2 s1 l u
lemma permut_trans:
forall s1 s2 s3: seq 'a. forall l u: int.
forall s1 s2 s3: seq 'a, l u: int.
permut s1 s2 l u -> permut s2 s3 l u -> permut s1 s3 l u
lemma permut_exists:
......@@ -339,6 +345,11 @@ theory Permut
(** {2 Lemmas about permut_all} *)
use import Mem
lemma permut_all_mem: forall s1 s2: seq 'a. permut_all s1 s2 ->
forall x. mem x s1 <-> mem x s2
lemma exchange_permut_all:
forall s1 s2: seq 'a, i j: int.
exchange s1 s2 i j -> permut_all s1 s2
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