Commit c5d3d0f4 authored by David Hauzar's avatar David Hauzar
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Enhancement of parsing of arrays in cvc4 counterexamples.

The indices and values of arrays can be now arbitrary values
(not just indices).
parent e4340f82
......@@ -85,17 +85,18 @@ other_than_const_array:
| CONST { "const" }
(* Example:
(store (store ((as const (Array Int Int)) 0) 1 2) 3 4) *)
(store (store ((as const (Array Int Int)) 0) 1 2) 3 4)
(store (store ((as const (Array Int Int)) false) 1 true) 3 true) *)
| LPAREN possible_space
LPAREN possible_space
AS SPACE CONST possible_space array_skipped_part possible_space
RPAREN possible_space
integer possible_space
value possible_space
{ Model_parser.array_create_constant ~value:$13 }
| LPAREN possible_space
STORE possible_space array possible_space integer SPACE integer
STORE possible_space array possible_space value SPACE integer
{ Model_parser.array_add_element ~array:$5 ~index:$7 ~value:$9 }
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