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Commit c59a224b authored by Sylvain's avatar Sylvain

ide: Save parsing errors, display them when an invalid command is entered

parent 9f7a238e
......@@ -1346,6 +1346,16 @@ end
Ident.Hid.clear th_to_node_ID;
Hfile.clear file_to_node_ID
let notify_parsing_errors l =
(function (loc,rel_loc,s) ->
P.notify (Message (Parse_Or_Type_Error(loc,rel_loc,s))))
(* Save the last parsing errors that occured. Report them when an invalid
command (transformation/etc) is entered before reloading. *)
let parsing_errors = ref []
let reload_session () : unit =
let d = get_server_data () in
(* interrupt all running provers and unfocus before reload *)
......@@ -1360,13 +1370,12 @@ end
| [] ->
(* TODO: try to restore the previous focus : focused_node := old_focus; *)
(* Only reset the tree when there is no errors (for efficiency of ide) *)
parsing_errors := [];
reset_and_send_the_whole_tree ();
P.notify (Message (Information "Session refresh successful"))
| l ->
(function (loc,rel_loc,s) ->
P.notify (Message (Parse_Or_Type_Error(loc,rel_loc,s))))
parsing_errors := l;
notify_parsing_errors l
let replay ~valid_only nid : unit =
let d = get_server_data () in
......@@ -1599,6 +1608,14 @@ end
(* Check that the request does not refer to obsolete node_ids *)
if not (request_is_valid r) then
if !parsing_errors <> [] then begin
(* There were parsing errors and no reloads. *)
P.notify (Message (Error "Cannot handle this command while the \
parsing error is not resolved. You can try \
reloading the session or removing detached \
notify_parsing_errors !parsing_errors
(* These errors come from the client-server behavior of itp. They cannot
be completely avoided and could be safely ignored.
They are ignored if a debug flag is not added.
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