Commit c57ffaa6 authored by Asma Tafat's avatar Asma Tafat
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parent ec3b98a2
......@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@ lemma eval_swap:
(eval_fmla sigma (l++(Cons (id1,v1) (Cons (id2,v2) pi))) f <->
eval_fmla sigma (l++(Cons (id2,v2) (Cons (id1,v1) pi))) f)
lemma eval_swap:
lemma eval_swap_2:
forall f:fmla, sigma:env, pi:stack, id1 id2:ident, v1 v2:value.
id1 <> id2 ->
(eval_fmla sigma (Cons (id1,v1) (Cons (id2,v2) pi)) f <->
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