Commit c4fddf7e authored by Martin Clochard's avatar Martin Clochard
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Examples/avl: fix an inefficiency within <join>

  (incorrect operator conversion during 7b0f17c1, did not invalidate
   the specification)
parent db728258
......@@ -433,16 +433,16 @@ module AVL
ensures { let hl = l.hgt in let hr = r.hgt in
let he = 1 + if hl < hr then hr else hl in let hres = result.hgt in
0 <= he - hres <= 1 }
variant { l.hgt + r.hgt }
variant { if l.hgt > r.hgt then l.hgt - r.hgt else r.hgt - l.hgt }
= match view l with
| AEmpty -> cons d r
| ANode ll ld lr lh _ -> match view r with
| AEmpty -> snoc l d
| ANode rl rd rr rh _ ->
let df = I.sub lh rh (I.neg rh) lh in
if df balancing
if df balancing
then balance ll ld (join lr d r)
else if I.le df (I.neg balancing)
else if df (I.neg balancing)
then balance (join l d rl) rd rr
else node l d r
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