Commit c3fa015a authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Ity: fix the definition of [impact] in eff_inst

parent bda6ac11
......@@ -1113,6 +1113,7 @@ let eff_inst sbs e =
not a snapshot. Also, every region containing a modified or reset
region, must also be instantiated into a region and not a snapshot.
The latter is not necessary for soundness, but simplifies VCgen. *)
let impact = Sreg.union (Mreg.domain e.eff_writes) e.eff_resets in
let inst src = Mreg.fold (fun p v acc -> Mreg.fold (fun q t acc ->
match t.ity_node with
| Ityapp _ when reg_r_reachable p q -> raise (IllegalSnapshot t)
......@@ -1122,9 +1123,7 @@ let eff_inst sbs e =
let resets = inst e.eff_resets in
let taints = inst e.eff_taints in
let covers = inst e.eff_covers in
let impact = Mreg.merge (fun r fld void -> match fld, void with
| Some _, Some _ -> raise (IllegalAlias r)
| _ -> Some ()) writes resets in
let impact = inst impact in
(* all type variables and unaffected regions must be instantiated
outside [impact]. Every region in the instantiated execution
is either brought in by the type substitution or instantiates
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