Commit c239c45c authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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replace some Set folds with unions in Term

parent a741e73d
......@@ -156,23 +156,23 @@ let mk_pattern n vs ty = Hspat.hashcons {
exception UncoveredVar of vsymbol
exception DuplicateVar of vsymbol
let add_no_dup vs s =
if Svs.mem vs s then raise (DuplicateVar vs) else Svs.add vs s
let pat_wild ty = mk_pattern Pwild Svs.empty ty
let pat_var v = mk_pattern (Pvar v) (Svs.singleton v) v.vs_ty
let pat_as p v = mk_pattern (Pas (p,v)) (add_no_dup v p.pat_vars) v.vs_ty
let pat_as p v =
let s = Svs.add_new v (DuplicateVar v) p.pat_vars in
mk_pattern (Pas (p,v)) s v.vs_ty
let pat_or p q =
if Svs.equal p.pat_vars q.pat_vars then
mk_pattern (Por (p,q)) p.pat_vars p.pat_ty
let s1, s2 = p.pat_vars, q.pat_vars in
let vs = Svs.choose (Svs.union (Svs.diff s1 s2) (Svs.diff s2 s1)) in
raise (UncoveredVar vs)
let s = Mvs.union (fun _ _ _ -> None) p.pat_vars q.pat_vars in
raise (UncoveredVar (Svs.choose s))
let pat_app f pl ty =
let merge s p = Svs.fold add_no_dup s p.pat_vars in
let dup v () () = raise (DuplicateVar v) in
let merge s p = Mvs.union dup s p.pat_vars in
mk_pattern (Papp (f,pl)) (List.fold_left merge Svs.empty pl) ty
(* generic traversal functions *)
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