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Commit bff9ba1f authored by Kim Nguyen's avatar Kim Nguyen
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[trywhy3] Properly set the path of embedded files in the pseudo-filesystem.

parent b8216311
......@@ -1501,11 +1501,11 @@ trywhy3_package: trywhy3
trywhy3: src/trywhy3/trywhy3.js src/trywhy3/why3_worker.js src/trywhy3/alt_ergo_worker.js
src/trywhy3/trywhy3.js: src/trywhy3/trywhy3.byte src/trywhy3/why3_worker.js src/trywhy3/alt_ergo_worker.js src/trywhy3/examples/*.mlw
js_of_ocaml $(JSOO_DEBUG) -I src/trywhy3 \
js_of_ocaml --extern-fs $(JSOO_DEBUG) -I src/trywhy3 \
--file=why3_worker.js:/ \
--file=alt_ergo_worker.js:/ \
--file=examples/index.txt:/ \
`find src/trywhy3/examples \( -name "*.mlw" -o -name "*.why" \) -printf " --file=examples/%P:/"` \
--file=examples/index.txt:/examples/index.txt \
`find src/trywhy3/examples \( -name "*.mlw" -o -name "*.why" \) -printf " --file=examples/%P:/examples/%P"` \
+weak.js +nat.js $<
src/trywhy3/trywhy3.byte: src/trywhy3/worker_proto.cmo src/trywhy3/trywhy3.cmo
......@@ -1515,7 +1515,7 @@ src/trywhy3/trywhy3.byte: src/trywhy3/worker_proto.cmo src/trywhy3/trywhy3.cmo
src/trywhy3/why3_worker.js: src/trywhy3/why3_worker.byte
js_of_ocaml $(JSOO_DEBUG) --extern-fs -I . -I src/trywhy3 --file=trywhy3.conf:/ \
--file=try_alt_ergo.drv:/ \
`find theories modules \( -name "*.mlw" -o -name "*.why" \) -printf " --file=%p:/"` \
`find theories modules \( -name "*.mlw" -o -name "*.why" \) -printf " --file=%p:/%p"` \
+weak.js +nat.js $<
src/trywhy3/why3_worker.byte: $(TRYWHY3CMO) src/trywhy3/worker_proto.cmo src/trywhy3/why3_worker.cmo
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