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Post-release commit, version + git

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......@@ -171,6 +171,7 @@ New features:
the association of old goals and new goals when the input is
modified. For compatibility, Why3 is still able to read session
files in the old format.
o [Provers] support for Z3 4.0
Bug fix:
o completed support for the "Out Of Memory" prover result
......@@ -193,10 +194,17 @@ Bug fix:
- add tag 0.73 to the git repository (do not forget to push it)
* put on the web page
- why3-0.73.tar.gz
- standard library online, using why3doc (make stdlibdoc),
- API doc, produced using ocamldoc (make apidoc), to
- standard library online, using why3doc, to
(make stdlibdoc ;
cp -r doc/stdlibdoc /users/www-perso/projets/why3/stdlib-0.73;
ln -s /users/www-perso/projets/why3/stdlib-0.73 \
- API doc, produced using ocamldoc, to
Note: check that URL of API doc is correct in doc/api.tex line 9.
(make apidoc ;
cp -r doc/apidoc /users/www-perso/projets/why3/api-0.73;
ln -s /users/www-perso/projets/why3/api-0.73 \
/users/www-perso/projets/why3/api )
- update the main HTML page (sources are in why3-papers/www)
* produce the Why3 part of ProVal gallery ?
# Why version
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