Commit bce5bafe authored by Sylvain's avatar Sylvain

why3execute: Fix subnormalize rounding, equality, and inversion

parent 9bc2021b
......@@ -75,12 +75,9 @@ let inv (xmin, xmax) =
raise Undetermined
let one = get_one () in
let inv1_min = div ~prec ~rnd:Toward_Minus_Infinity one xmin in
let inv2_min = div ~prec ~rnd:Toward_Minus_Infinity one xmax in
let res_min = min ~prec ~rnd:Toward_Minus_Infinity inv1_min inv2_min in
let inv1_max = div ~prec ~rnd:Toward_Plus_Infinity one xmin in
let inv2_max = div ~prec ~rnd:Toward_Plus_Infinity one xmax in
let res_max = max ~prec ~rnd:Toward_Plus_Infinity inv1_max inv2_max in
(* Inverse is decreasing on ]-inf; 0[ and on ]0; inf[ *)
let res_min = div ~prec ~rnd:Toward_Minus_Infinity one xmax in
let res_max = div ~prec ~rnd:Toward_Plus_Infinity one xmin in
(res_min, res_max)
let div x y =
......@@ -109,8 +106,13 @@ let real_from_fraction p q =
div p q
let eq (xmin, xmax) (ymin, ymax) =
if less_p ymax xmin || less_p xmax ymin then
(* Intervals are disjoint *)
if (equal_p xmin xmax) && (equal_p ymin ymax) then
equal_p xmin ymin
(* Intervals are singleton and not disjoint, hence are equal *)
raise Undetermined
......@@ -230,18 +230,17 @@ let use_fmode (fmode: int) =
let eval_float:
type a. int -> a float_arity -> a -> Expr.rsymbol -> value list -> value =
(fun fmode ty op ls l ->
(* Simulate IEEE behavior *)
let subnormalize = subnormalize ~rnd:To_Nearest in
(* Set the exponent depending on Float type that are used: 32 or 64 *)
use_fmode fmode;
begin match ty, l with
| Mode1, [Vfloat_mode mode; Vfloat f] ->
Vfloat (subnormalize (op mode f))
(* Subnormalize used to simulate IEEE behavior *)
Vfloat (subnormalize ~rnd:mode (op mode f))
| Mode2, [Vfloat_mode mode; Vfloat f1; Vfloat f2] ->
Vfloat (subnormalize (op mode f1 f2))
Vfloat (subnormalize ~rnd:mode (op mode f1 f2))
| Mode3, [Vfloat_mode mode; Vfloat f1; Vfloat f2; Vfloat f3] ->
Vfloat (subnormalize (op mode f1 f2 f3))
Vfloat (subnormalize ~rnd:mode (op mode f1 f2 f3))
| Mode_rel, [Vfloat f1; Vfloat f2] ->
Vbool (op f1 f2)
| Mode_rel1, [Vfloat f] ->
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