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new example: genealogy.why (not very impressive, though)

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......@@ -179,5 +179,6 @@ why.conf
theory Genealogy
type person
type gender = Male | Female
logic gender person : gender
logic father person : person
logic mother person : person
axiom Father_gender : forall p : person. gender (father p) = Male
axiom Mother_gender : forall p : person. gender (mother p) = Female
logic parent (p : person) (c : person) = p = father c or p = mother c
logic son (s : person) (p : person) = gender s = Male and parent p s
logic daughter (d : person) (p : person) = gender d = Female and parent p d
logic child (c : person) (p : person) = parent p c
goal Child_is_son_or_daughter:
forall c p : person. child c p <-> son c p or daughter c p
logic sibling (p1 : person) (p2 : person) =
p1 <> p2 and (father p1 = father p2 or mother p1 = mother p2)
goal Sibling_sym : forall p1 p2 : person. sibling p1 p2 -> sibling p2 p1
logic brother (b : person) (p : person) = sibling b p and gender b = Male
logic sister (s : person) (p : person) = sibling s p and gender s = Female
goal Sibling_is_brother_or_sister:
forall p1 p2 : person. sibling p1 p2 <-> brother p1 p2 or sister p1 p2
logic grandparent (g : person) ( p : person) =
parent g (father p) or parent g (mother p)
logic grandfather (g : person) (p : person) =
g = father (father p) or g = father (mother p)
logic grandmother (g : person) (p : person) =
g = mother (father p) or g = mother (mother p)
goal Grandparent_is_grandfather_or_grandmother:
forall g p : person. grandparent g p <-> grandfather g p or grandmother g p
goal Grandfather_male:
forall g p : person. grandfather g p -> gender g = Male
goal Grandmother_female:
forall g p : person. grandmother g p -> gender g = Female
goal Only_two_grandfathers:
forall g1 g2 g3 p : person.
grandfather g1 p ->
grandfather g2 p ->
grandfather g3 p ->
(g1 = g2 or g2 = g3 or g1 = g3)
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