Commit b7a84886 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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whyml: minor

parent 29c096af
......@@ -397,15 +397,12 @@ let clone_export uc m inst =
| Some u -> eff_refresh e (conv_reg r) (conv_reg u)
| None -> eff_reset e (conv_reg r) in
Mreg.fold conv eff.eff_resets e in
let conv_ty ty = ty_s_map conv_ts ty in
let conv_vs mv vs _ = Mvs.find_def vs vs mv in
let conv_mvs mv t = Mvs.mapi (conv_vs mv) t.t_vars in
let conv_term mv t = t_gen_map conv_ty conv_ls (conv_mvs mv t) t in
let add_xq mv xs t = Mexn.add (conv_xs xs) (conv_term mv t) in
let conv_term mv t = t_gen_map (ty_s_map conv_ts) conv_ls mv t in
let addx mv xs t q = Mexn.add (conv_xs xs) (conv_term mv t) q in
let conv_spec mv c = {
c_pre = conv_term mv c.c_pre;
c_post = conv_term mv c.c_post;
c_xpost = Mexn.fold (add_xq mv) c.c_xpost Mexn.empty;
c_xpost = Mexn.fold (addx mv) c.c_xpost Mexn.empty;
c_effect = conv_eff c.c_effect;
c_variant = [];
c_letrec = 0; } in
......@@ -454,12 +451,31 @@ let clone_export uc m inst =
brings in some external symbol S and fixes some region
in the psymbol's type, but S does not occur in the spec,
then the cloned psymbol will be overgeneralized.
Two fixes are possible:
Three fixes are possible:
1. Prohibit global regions in psymbol type signatures.
This is what previous implementation of WhyML did.
2. Let Mlw_expr.create_psymbol take an additional varmap
as an argument and add those variables to ps.ps_varm.
Can this be abused in any way? *)
Can this be abused in any way?
3. Require that (vta_varmap ps.ps_vta) fixes exactly
the same regions as ps.ps_varm. At the moment, we
only have inclusion, since ps.ps_varm is guaranteed
to be a superset of (vta_varmap ps.ps_vta). If this
requirement is satisfied, we can always set ps_varm
to be the varmap of ps_vta. But what about resets?
let r <rho> = ref 0 in
let f x = ... r <- x ... in
{ reset rho }
f 5
The reference r appears in f.ps_varm, and thus the
last expression (f 5) would be rejected as freshness
violation. This is correct, otherwise the effect of
(f 5) could modify the values of unrelated variables.
This is correct even if r does not occur in f.ps_vta,
and therefore we cannot forget about r in f.ps_varm.
We could require that r appears in the spec of f, as
we do for abstract parameters, but is this reasonable? *)
let conv_rd uc { fun_ps = ps } =
let vta = conv_vta !mvs ps.ps_vta in
let nps = create_psymbol (id_clone ps.ps_name) vta in
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