new module array.NumOf (no parameter)

parent 3403eeb6
......@@ -209,6 +209,20 @@ module NumOfParam
function numof (a: array elt) (p: param) (l u: int) : int = num_of (a, p) l u
module NumOf
use import Array
type elt
predicate pr (i: int) (e: elt)
type param = array elt
predicate pr_ (a: param) (i: int) = pr i a[i]
clone import int.NumOfParam with type param = param, predicate pr = pr_
(* the number of a[i] such that [l <= i < u] and [pr i a[i]] *)
function numof (a: array elt) (l u: int) : int = num_of a l u
module TestArray
use import int.Int
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