Commit b3966675 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Revert "logical symbols are not allowed in programs anymore"

This reverts commit b65dd4ae.
parent b68e35e5
......@@ -567,9 +567,7 @@ let rec dexpr muc denv {expr_desc = desc; expr_loc = loc} =
let qualid_app loc q el =
let e = try match find_prog_symbol muc q with
| PV pv -> DEpv pv | RS rs -> DErs rs with
| _ -> ignore (find_lsymbol muc.muc_theory q);
Loc.errorm ~loc "Symbol %a is a pure logical symbol, \
it cannot be used in a program" print_qualid q in
| _ -> DEls (find_lsymbol muc.muc_theory q) in
expr_app loc e el
let qualid_app loc q el = match q with
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