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ROADMAP: group announced new features

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......@@ -122,30 +122,36 @@ https://gforge.inria.fr/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=13736&group_id=2990
==================== Roadmap for release 0.74 ========================
scheduled on Sep 2012
scheduled on Oct 2012
== New Features to announce ==
New features:
o new API for programs
o new concrete syntax for programs
o type invariants
o ghost code
o transformations for induction
Provers support:
o Support for Coq 8.4
o dropped support for Coq 8.2
o new scheme for Coq realizations using type classes
o Support for PVS 6.0, including realizations
o support for iProver and Zenon
o a warning is emitted for unused bound logic variables in
"forall", "exists" and "let"
o new warning: formulas of the form "exists x, P -> Q"
o [replayer] new option -q
o a warning is emitted for unused bound logic variables in "forall",
"exists" and "let"
o a warning is emitted for any occurrence of a formula of the form
"exists x, P -> Q". Formulas of this form are usually a user
mistake. If this is intended, one can write "exists x, not P \/ Q"
Bug fixes:
o fixed bug on merging config files which prevented the use
of Why3 back-end of the Frama-C/Jessie plugin when Coq is
not installed. (Bug 14672 of the Bug Tracking System)
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