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parent 939afd0c
......@@ -19,4 +19,71 @@ let () =
let fname = "test"
let loadpath = ["../theories"]
let env = Why.Env.create_env (Why.Typing.retrieve loadpath)
let m =
let cin = open_in (fname ^ ".why") in
let m = Why.Typing.read_channel env fname cin in
close_in cin;
let () = Db.init_base (fname ^ ".prm")
let do_task tname (th : Why.Theory.theory) (task : Why.Task.task) : unit =
if !opt_prove then begin
let res = Driver.call_prover ~debug:!opt_debug ?timeout drv task in
printf "%s %s %s : %a@." fname tname
((task_goal task).Decl.pr_name).Ident.id_long
Call_provers.print_prover_result res
end else match !opt_output with
| None ->
printf "@[%a@]@?" (Driver.print_task drv) task
| Some dir ->
let file =
let file = Filename.basename fname in
try Filename.chop_extension file
with Invalid_argument _ -> file
let tname = th.th_name.Ident.id_short in
let dest = Driver.filename_of_goal drv file tname task in
(* Uniquify the filename before the extension if it exists*)
let i = try String.rindex dest '.' with _ -> String.length dest in
let name = Ident.string_unique !fname_printer (String.sub dest 0 i) in
let ext = String.sub dest i (String.length dest - i) in
let cout = open_out (Filename.concat dir (name ^ ext)) in
let fmt = formatter_of_out_channel cout in
fprintf fmt "@[%a@]@?" (Driver.print_task drv) task;
close_out cout
Db.add_or_replace_task tname task
let do_theory tname th glist =
let add acc (x,l) =
let pr = try Why.Theory.ns_find_pr th.Why.Theory.th_export l with Not_found ->
Format.eprintf "Goal '%s' not found in theory '%s'.@." x tname;
exit 1
Why.Decl.Spr.add pr acc
let prs = Some (Queue.fold add Why.Decl.Spr.empty glist) in
let prs = if Queue.is_empty glist then None else prs in
let tasks = Why.Task.split_theory th prs in
List.iter (do_task tname th) tasks
let () =
let glist = Queue.create () in
let add_th t th mi = Why.Ident.Mid.add th.Why.Theory.th_name (t,th) mi in
let do_th _ (t,th) = do_theory t th glist in
Why.Ident.Mid.iter do_th (Why.Theory.Mnm.fold add_th m Why.Ident.Mid.empty)
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