Commit b0a7cd98 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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parent cefa4a01
......@@ -150,12 +150,16 @@ let option_list = Arg.align [
let () =
Arg.parse option_list add_opt_file usage_msg;
if !opt_list_transforms then
printf "@[<hov 2>Registered transformations:@\n%a@]@."
if !opt_list_transforms then begin
printf "@[<hov 2>Registered non-splitting transformations:@\n%a@]@\n@."
(Pp.print_list Pp.newline Pp.string)
(List.sort (Driver.list_transforms ()));
printf "@[<hov 2>Registered splitting transformations:@\n%a@]@\n@."
(Pp.print_list Pp.newline Pp.string)
(List.sort (Driver.list_transforms_l ()));
if !opt_list_printers then
printf "@[<hov 2>Registered printers:@\n%a@]@."
printf "@[<hov 2>Registered printers:@\n%a@]@\n@."
(Pp.print_list Pp.newline Pp.string)
(List.sort (Driver.list_printers ()));
if !opt_list_provers then begin
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