Commit b00248b5 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler
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PA03-013 counterex: Projection function defined after being applied.

This patch solves a problem on the order of the generation of new
declarations by intro_projections_counterexmp. The problem came from
the combination of Trans.on_tagged_ls and Trans.decl. The former was used
to know each projection function in advance and the latter would
introduce new declarations directly at the definition of the decl being
analysed sometimes using projections functions before they are defined.

This patch makes adds declarations only
at the end of the task. So we are sure that any meta is really defined

* src/transform/
 (introduce_constant): Minor clarification.
 (projections_for_term): Replacing append with proper symbol. Also adding
  already computed list of declaration to the output.
 (introduce_projs): Removing already defined declarations from the set of
  declaration we will add.
 (build_projections_map): The order of elements is irrelevant so
  it is faster to use cons instead of append.
 (meta_transform2): Add declarations created by f at the end of the task.
 (encapsulate): Compose meta_transform2 and introduce_projs.
 (commented meta_transform2): Request for a fold able to do what is
parent bc0b6ca9
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ let introduce_constant ls t_rhs proj_name =
let const_name = ls.ls_name.id_string^"_proj_constant_"^proj_name in
let axiom_name = ls.ls_name.id_string^"_proj_axiom_"^proj_name in
let id_new = Ident.id_user ~label:const_label const_name const_loc in
intro_const_equal_to_term ~term:t_rhs ~id_new:id_new ~axiom_name
intro_const_equal_to_term ~term:t_rhs ~id_new:id_new ~axiom_name:axiom_name
let get_record_field_suffix projection =
......@@ -198,8 +198,7 @@ let rec projections_for_term ls term proj_name applied_projs env map_projs =
(*let applied_projs = Term.Sls.add proj_function applied_projs in*)
let proj_map_projections_defs =
introduce_constant ls proj_map_t proj_name in
List.append ldecls (
List.append [proj_map_decl;proj_axiom] proj_map_projections_defs)
ldecls @ [proj_map_decl;proj_axiom] @ proj_map_projections_defs
......@@ -223,7 +222,7 @@ let rec projections_for_term ls term proj_name applied_projs env map_projs =
(fun l pf_1 ->
if Term.Sls.mem pf_1 applied_projs then
(* Do not apply the same projection twice *)
introduce_constant ls term proj_name
l @ introduce_constant ls term proj_name
let t_applied = Term.t_app pf_1 [term] pf_1.ls_value in
let proj_name = proj_name^(get_record_field_suffix pf_1) in
......@@ -231,7 +230,7 @@ let rec projections_for_term ls term proj_name applied_projs env map_projs =
(* Return declarations for projections of t_applied = pf_1 term *)
let t_applied_projs =
projections_for_term ls t_applied proj_name applied_projs env map_projs in
List.append l t_applied_projs
l @ t_applied_projs
......@@ -270,7 +269,7 @@ let introduce_projs env map_projs decl =
| Dparam ls_projected ->
(* Create declarations for a projections of ls_projected *)
let projection_decls = intro_proj_for_ls env map_projs ls_projected in
| Dlogic lslist ->
......@@ -279,8 +278,12 @@ let introduce_projs env map_projs decl =
(* TODO *)
| _ -> [decl]
| _ -> []
let introduce_projs env map_projs decl =
match decl with
| Decl d -> introduce_projs env map_projs d
| _ -> []
let build_projections_map projs =
(* Build map from types (Ty.ty) to projections (Term.lsymbol).
......@@ -295,18 +298,31 @@ let build_projections_map projs =
Ty.Mty.find ty_proj_arg proj_map
with Not_found -> []
let projs_for_ty = List.append projs_for_ty [ls_proj] in
let projs_for_ty = ls_proj :: projs_for_ty in
Ty.Mty.add ty_proj_arg projs_for_ty proj_map
| _ -> assert false
Sls.fold build_map projs Ty.Mty.empty
let meta_transform2 env projs =
(* TODO we want to be able to write this. It seems not possible with Trans and
more efficient than the version we have below.
let meta_transform2 f : Task.task -> Task.task = fun task ->
Trans.apply (Trans.fold (fun d t ->
Trans.apply (Trans.add_decls (f d)) t) task) task
(* [meta_transform2 f t] Generate new declarations by applying f to each declaration of t
and then append these declarations to t *)
let meta_transform2 f : Task.task Trans.trans =
let list_decl = Trans.fold (fun d l -> l @ (f d)) [] in
Trans.bind list_decl (fun x -> Trans.add_decls x)
let encapsulate env projs : Task.task Trans.trans =
let map_projs = build_projections_map projs in
Trans.decl (introduce_projs env map_projs) None
meta_transform2 (fun d -> introduce_projs env map_projs d.Task.task_decl.td_node)
let intro_projections_counterexmp env =
Trans.on_tagged_ls meta_projection (meta_transform2 env)
Trans.on_tagged_ls meta_projection (encapsulate env)
let () = Trans.register_env_transform "intro_projections_counterexmp" intro_projections_counterexmp
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