Commit af9d5d0b authored by Leon Gondelman's avatar Leon Gondelman
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induction tactic (under construction)

parent 557aa6ef
......@@ -101,12 +101,13 @@ let make_induction vs km qvl t =
Pretty.print_tv x Pretty.print_ty tx ) sigma;
let make_case (ls, _) =
let _ = if ls = ls then () else () in
let f = assert false (* TODO: instancier p sur le constructeur ls *) in
t_forall_close qvl1 [] f
(* here I return the new term (TODO) *)
let cl = find_constructors km ts in
List.iter (fun (cs,_) -> Format.printf "%a @ \n" Pretty.print_cs cs) cl; make_case cl
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