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fixed hypothesis 4

parent 4c7c1c7b
......@@ -678,9 +678,13 @@ function wp (s:stmt) (q:fmla) : fmla =
axiom abstract_effects_writes :
forall sigma:env, pi:stack, s:stmt, q:fmla.
eval_fmla sigma pi (abstract_effects s q) ->
eval_fmla sigma pi (wp s (abstract_effects s q))
forall sigma:env, pi:stack, body:stmt, cond:term, inv q:fmla.
let f =
(abstract_effects body (Fand
(Fimplies (Fand (Fterm cond) inv) (wp body inv))
(Fimplies (Fand (Fnot (Fterm cond)) inv) q)))
eval_fmla sigma pi f -> eval_fmla sigma pi (wp body f)
lemma monotonicity:
forall s "induction":stmt, p q:fmla.
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