Commit ae434627 authored by Martin Clochard's avatar Martin Clochard
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BySo: minor changes

parent efbee659
......@@ -260,24 +260,26 @@ let rec split_core sp f =
ret pos neg bwd fwd side
| Tnot f1 ->
let sf = rc f1 in
let (!) f = - t_not f in
let (!) = alias f1 t_not in
let (|>) zero = map (fun t -> !+(t_label_copy t zero)) (!) in
ret (t_false |> sf.neg) (t_true |> sf.pos) !(sf.fwd) !(sf.bwd) sf.side
| Tlet (t,fb) ->
let vs, f1, close = t_open_bound_cb fb in
let (!) f = alias fb (t_let t) (close vs f) in
let vs, f1 = t_open_bound fb in
let (!) = alias f1 (t_let_close vs t) in
let sf = rc f1 in
let (!!) = map (fun t -> Zero t) (!) in
ret !!(sf.pos) !!(sf.neg) !(sf.bwd) !(sf.fwd) !!(sf.side)
| Tcase (t,bl) ->
let k join =
let case_close bl2 =
if Lists.equal (==) bl bl2 then f else t_case t bl2 in
let sbl = (fun b ->
let p, f, close = t_open_branch_cb b in
p, close, split_core sp f) bl in
let blfwd = (fun (p, close, sf) -> close p sf.fwd) sbl in
let fwd = t_case t blfwd in
let fwd = case_close blfwd in
let blbwd = (fun (p, close, sf) -> close p sf.bwd) sbl in
let bwd = t_case t blbwd in
let bwd = case_close blbwd in
let pos, neg, side = join sbl in
ret pos neg bwd fwd side
......@@ -340,8 +342,8 @@ let rec split_core sp f =
split_core sp f
| Tquant (qn,fq) ->
let vsl, trl, f1, close = t_open_quant_cb fq in
let close f = alias fq (t_quant qn) (close vsl trl f) in
let vsl, trl, f1 = t_open_quant fq in
let close = alias f1 (t_quant_close qn vsl trl) in
let sf = rc f1 in
let bwd = close sf.bwd and fwd = close sf.fwd in
let pos, neg = match qn with
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