Commit ab0bce85 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich Committed by François Bobot
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incorporate Francois's optims in Decl

parent 16603fd7
......@@ -373,9 +373,8 @@ exception EmptyDecl
exception EmptyAlgDecl of tysymbol
exception EmptyIndDecl of lsymbol
let news_id s id =
if Sid.mem id s then raise (ClashIdent id);
Sid.add id s
let news_id s id = Sid.change id (fun there ->
if there then raise (ClashIdent id) else true) s
let syms_ts s ts = Sid.add ts.ts_name s
let syms_ls s ls = Sid.add ls.ls_name s
......@@ -564,22 +563,22 @@ let known_id kn id =
let merge_known kn1 kn2 =
let check_known id decl1 decl2 =
if d_equal decl1 decl2 then Some decl1 else raise (RedeclaredIdent id) in
if d_equal decl1 decl2 then Some decl1
else raise (RedeclaredIdent id)
Mid.union check_known kn1 kn2
let known_add_decl kn0 decl =
let add_known id kn =
if not (d_equal (Mid.find id kn0) decl) then raise (RedeclaredIdent id);
raise (KnownIdent id)
with Not_found -> Mid.add id decl kn
let kn = Sid.fold add_known decl.d_news kn0 in
let check_known id =
if not (Mid.mem id kn) then raise (UnknownIdent id)
let kn = (fun _ -> decl) decl.d_news in
let check id decl0 _ =
if d_equal decl0 decl
then raise (KnownIdent id)
else raise (RedeclaredIdent id)
ignore (Sid.iter check_known decl.d_syms);
let kn = Mid.union check kn0 kn in
let unk = Mid.diff (fun _ _ _ -> None) decl.d_syms kn in
if Sid.is_empty unk then kn
else raise (UnknownIdent (Sid.choose unk))
let find_constructors kn ts =
match (Mid.find ts.ts_name kn).d_node with
......@@ -41,8 +41,8 @@ and origin =
| Derived of ident
| Fresh
module Sid : Set.S with type elt = ident
module Mid : Map.S with type key = ident
module Sid : Map.SetS with type elt = ident and type t = unit Mid.t
module Hid : Hashtbl.S with type key = ident
val id_equal : ident -> ident -> bool
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