Commit aafbd002 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Remove some unused code.

parent a6d89023
......@@ -233,18 +233,6 @@ let get_prover s =
Hashtbl.add provers s (cp, drv);
cp, drv
let print_constr fmt c = pp_with fmt (Termops.print_constr c)
let print_tvm fmt m =
Idmap.iter (fun id tv -> match tv with
| None -> Format.fprintf fmt "%s->not FO@ " (string_of_id id)
| Some tv -> Format.fprintf fmt "%s->%a@ "
(string_of_id id) Why3.Pretty.print_tv tv) m
let print_bv fmt m =
Idmap.iter (fun id vs -> match vs with
| None -> Format.fprintf fmt "%s->not FO@ " (string_of_id id)
| Some vs -> Format.fprintf fmt "%s->%a@ "
(string_of_id id) Why3.Pretty.print_vsty vs) m
(* Coq constants *)
let coq_ref_BinInt = coq_reference "Why3" ["ZArith"; "BinInt"]
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