Commit aa179fd0 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude

use the right number of processes in replayer

parent 4eacde07
...@@ -1393,11 +1393,13 @@ let check_all ~callback = ...@@ -1393,11 +1393,13 @@ let check_all ~callback =
if !proofs_done = !proofs_to_do then if !proofs_done = !proofs_to_do then
begin begin
Printf.eprintf "\n%!"; Printf.eprintf "\n%!";
decr maximum_running_proofs;
callback !check_failed; callback !check_failed;
false false
end end
else true else true
in in
incr maximum_running_proofs;
schedule_any_timeout timeout schedule_any_timeout timeout
(*****************************************************) (*****************************************************)
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