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First version of DEVELOPER.readme, modify it according to your understanding...

First version of DEVELOPER.readme, modify it according to your understanding of the current informal guidelines
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=== Developer userguide ===
This file summarizes the guidelines used for the developpement of why3
that each one must try to follow.
=== Commiting ===
Every commit must :
* compile, make bench must run until the end
* doesn't contain trailing whitespace
** in emacs : (setq-default show-trailing-whitespace t)
* doesn't use tab for indentation
** in emacs : (setq-default indent-tabs-mode nil)
* doesn't contain files with lines wider than 79 characters
** in emacs lineker mode can be used
Currently no hooks inforce those rules.
=== Nightly Bench ===
Every why3 sessions added in examples, examples/bts, examples/programs,
examples/check-builtin (cf examples/ are replayed every night
on the computer named So the sessions must be created on this
computer in order to be accurate according to the version of the installed
=== Major Release ===
At each major releases :
* every one must take care of what they commit,
* a tag, named with the current version number, must be added at the commit
used for the tarball,
* a commit which increases the version number must be added just after.
=== Fixes Against a Major Release ===
(** Currently we are still in beta version so the fixes are done
in the trunk and we release often *)
The fixes which apply to the last major release must be done in a
specific branch for the last major release. This branch start at the
commit tagged for this realease. Afterward one merge the fixes into
the master branch and make a minor release from the last release
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