Nous avons procédé ce jeudi matin 08 avril 2021 à une MAJ de sécurité urgente. Nous sommes passé de la version 13.9.3 à la version 13.9.5 les releases notes correspondantes sont ici:

Commit a7878cce authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude

ITP: printing should not introduce premises to avoid confusion

parent 397379ec
......@@ -420,7 +420,9 @@ let print_sequent _args ?old:_ fmt =
info := {info_syn = sm; itp = true};
(fun task ->
let task = Trans.apply (Trans.goal Introduction.intros) task in
let task = Trans.apply (Trans.goal Introduction.intros) task in
(* print_th_prelude task fmt args.th_prelude; *)
let ut = Task.used_symbols (Task.used_theories task) in
let ld = Task.local_decls task ut in
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